For the Buyer: KavaCom knows the abundance of and information required for the buyer from the seller prior to signing a Letter of Intent and up to the day of the close.

We perform due diligence on every aspect of the seller's records, network, operation and service area to ensure the buyer receives details in well organized and easy to follow reports to ensure they are receiving the assets and growth potential they are paying for.


For the Seller: Our extensive experience as former owners and operators in addition to our consulting and brokering skills provides an all around service for companies who are considering selling their systems.

We know the best ways to maximize the amount of money transferred at closing and avoid monies disappearing post-close from leftover vendor or programmer liabilities and escrow account erosion.

We understand ahead of time what buyers are looking for and what will make your company, your assets attractive to multiple potential buyers.

KavaCom will perform the thorough seller-side due diligence pre-sale to build buyer confidence while allowing system owners and management to carry on with their regular daily work. 

KavaCom is also available for just the pre-sale consulting side to increase value and prepare your company well ahead of time to enhance your company's assets and operations prior to publicizing your intentions.

Owner's and management in the cable industry know cash flow and potential growth account for a very large part of system value. KavaCom advises, "at a minimum", to start by hiring a consultant/broker 3 to 6 months prior to putting a system on the market.

October 2017 K2 Communications Statement

TDS Press Release - Acquisition