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Contractor Coordination - Installation contractors can cause heartburn for operators and their staff when scheduled installs have to be cancelled or moved to another day due to contractor disorganization and miscommunication regarding customer premise equipment or not ordering drop materials far enough in advance and contractor's staffing shortfalls. Many operators simply do not have the time or staff to elevate contractor's management skills and  ensure the contractor representing their company is not damaging their reputation. We have the experience to work with your contractors to keep installs on time and to make sure they are providng your customers with a professional experience.

Analysis, Discovery, Solutions - KavaCom analyzes daily operations, processes and procedures, interdepartmental functionalities to provide attainable solutions to strengthen areas of weakness. Increase revenue and cash flow for the company, elevate the customer experience while raising employee performance and job satisfaction. We assess the inside and outside plant to provide cost effective improvements to create a more efficient network to boost performance and reliability, reduce truck rolls and cut down on overtime costs.
Regulatory Compliance - FCC, OSHA, CALEA, Copyright Office, E-rate. Review recent and current conformity to rules, provide compliance recommendations, perform new filings, catch up with missed filings. (we've gone back as far as 15 years with operators to bring them up to date with federal filings without major repercussions or penalties)

Financial Recovery & Damage Prevention - Analyze policies and processes currently in place to recover expenses incurred from regulatory rules or damages incurred to outside plant. Create a program to increase the financial recovery success rate.