Differentiation - KavaCom Consulting is different from the vast majority of broadband and telecommunication consultants. We've taken dreams to reality; planned, franchised, engineered, built, deployed, operated networks and companies in both urban and rural America. We have engineered and constructed green field systems, acquired others, upgraded, operated and sold systems.

Client Driven - KavaCom is independent and not an agent for carriers nor do we collect fees from vendors or suppliers. Our loyalty and focus lies only with our client and we work solely for them. To meet their objectives in the most efficient ways available.

Collaboration - We have valuable longstanding connections with companies, in addition to professionals, that cover all principals and practices in the video, voice and data industries. Innovation with Integrity is more than just a tagline with KavaCom. We are professionals who strive to contribute above and beyond what is typically required.

Teamwork - The single element that makes all things possible and the biggest reward for us as professionals is exceptional teamwork between our clients, their staffs and KavaCom representatives. We have the skillsets to improve customer's teams in addition to advancing business and customer service cultures.

Value - We provide value to our clients that far exceeds our costs. We stay in touch and follow-up long after the project has ended to ensure everything stayed on-track and to offer additional advice.